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European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies (ECPP)
Sigmund Freud University Vienna (SFU)

Psychoanalytic view on death and dying

Time 6th-8th September 2018
Location Sigmund Freud University, Freudplatz 1, A-1020 Vienna, Austria

Program of the congress


The congress focusses on the last period of life and highlights the psycho-
logical side of dying. Philosophical and psychoanalytic considerations
are rounding up the meaning of death and dying for human beings.

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1st ECPP-Azerbaijan Conference 2018

Dear friends and colleagues!

We cordially invite you to take part at the 1st International Scientific and Practical Conference on Psychoanalysis in Baku on 11-12 May, 2018.

The topic of the conference is “Trans-cultural Aspects of Psychoanalysis: Theory and Method”.

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Dear board members and colleagues!

As you know, our colleague in Baku, Azerbaijan Fariz Samedov has come forward with the initiative to hold a psychoanalytic conference in Baku.

It will be the very first psychoanalytically oriented event in the history of Azerbaijan. Therefore, we wish to encourage board members, training analysts and supervisors to participate as it will be the next step in our journey together to further the development of psychoanalytic psychotherapy not only in Eastern and Western Europe but also in the rest of the world.

For details contact Fariz Samedov at or +994 50 206 60 46

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Journal of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Disorders 
Volume 1, Issue 6                                                    

Problem of Relation Between Brain and Mind in Psysiology, Medicine and Psychology

Reshetnikov MM*
The East-European Psychoanalytic Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

*Corresponding Author: Reshetnikov MM, The East-European Psychoanalytic Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, Tel: + 7812 23528 57; E-mail:

Received: 29 September 2017; Accepted: 13 October 2017; Published: 23 October 2017


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Minutes of the General Assembly held in St Petersburg  September 17th  2016

On September 17th, 2016, the General Assembly of the European Confederation of Psychoanalytical Psychotherapies (ECPP,Vienna, Austria) was held in St Petersburg during the  VII International Congress "Psychoanalysis in Contemporary World and in My Life:
History, Methodology, Theory and Practice".

The Congress was dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the East-European Psychoanalytic Institute.

Barbara Fitzgerald President opened the AGM at 10.45 am


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