ECPP   Minutes of Board Meetings  21 and 22 February 2018 in Vienna

ECPP   Minutes of Board Meetings  21 and 22 February 2018 in Vienna @SFU room 5001

Present : Nicole, Zofia, Tatyana, Natalyia, Tatyana L., Barbara, Svetlana, Alfred,  Adrian, Paul, Eugenius, Andreï (as observer), Roman, Alexander, Lan, Iztok (as observer), Jozef, Vladimir, Charles



- Deadline for applying for a lecture or workshop for the Congress is END  FEBRUARY    

and deadline for abstracts is set on Friday 30th of March (by mail to the President Nicole Aknin ).

- All applications for Presidency and Vice-presidency must be sent by mail to our President Nicole Aknin before March 31st .

- The AGM will take place in the SFU building on Friday September 7th at 5 :30 pm followed by a short Board meeting at 7 :00 pm


A. Part One : Wednesday February 21st 2018 (from 6pm till 8 pm)

1 -The website must be updated and the proposal of the webmaster Marina is to create a new site. Considering her departure and the high prices in Moscow, Lan proposes to have it made and managed in Slovenia. Costs are estimated at about roughly 700 euros and 50 euros per month for management.

The Board decides that the Executive will handle this matter further on. Lan will investigate to have firm offers. Content of the new website will be checked by our native English speakers.

2 – The EAP has modified its criteria for the ECP. A 5 years full time academic training in psychotherapy can lead to certification providing that all other criteria are matched (personal analysis, supervision,…). As duration of training is important for psychoanalytic training, after discussions, the Board voted that for graduates of a 5 years academic master degree in psychotherapy, an additional 50 hours of personal analysis must be added to the 250 hours required for the 7 years training.

3- Supervision : Guidelines on how to provide adequate supervision should be discussed and added to the certification criteria  Meanwhile the Board states that supervision is an ongoing process that is done on a regular basis. For group supervision hours (accounted at 50%) a small group of max 5/6 persons is recommended. 

As many group-analysts also work with individual patients, supervision and personal analysis must contain at least 75 hours of individual sessions.

Notwithstanding the fact that the more certificates the more work and the more we might derive from our vision of a united field of psychoanalysis ( as one body of knowledge with many ways to express it ), it may be worth considering to create an specific certificate for group analyst

This will be studied as from next Board meeting.  Alexander will give all information on criteria in Ukraine and Eugenius will provide the criteria from EGATIN. The criteria already voted in Naples (2015) will be amended and completed.

5- Some discussions are made concerning a conflictual situation in Russia. The National Branch is likely to have anticipated elections and the Board express its hopes that for a peaceful and quick settlement and the Executive will monitor the situation.


B. Part two:  Thursday 22 February 2018 from 6 ;00 pm till 8 ;15 pm

6- The Minutes of the Antwerp meetings are approved.

7. Financial report: the Treasurer gives his report on the 2017 accounts that will be presented later on the AGM. The bank account on 31/12/17 amounts to 13.603,61 euros, and the year ends with a profit of  3.345,16

Our bank is asking that funds from Russia must come from a bank account of an officially registered association. The board takes notice that the NB in Russia is not yet registered as an association and puts forward the following statement :

« In accordance with good governance, it is required that every National Branch must be legally registered and constituted in its country ».

The Board asks therefore the Russian NB to fully comply before the next AGM in September.

8. Congress :

Kristina Dojder introduces herself. She will be the coordinator between SFU and ECPP, as the congress is a joint-venture.

Many topics are discussed :

- as from 12 persons special group price will be discounted (150 euros pp for the entrance fee)

- Kristina will check for translation facilities (Russian language and adequate APPAREILS)

-Schedule is here below in appendix with two modifications concerning the Board and AGM.

The AGM will take place in the SFU building on Friday September 7th at 5.30pm followed by a short Board meeting at 7.00 pm

- workshops in English and Russian will be given on the Friday. Workshop will be 90 minutes and lectures 30 minutes (including some question times).

- A committee is set up to examine the lectures and to invite additional speakers if necessary, as there are already many speakers applying. The committee consists of Nicole, Barbara, Alfred, Adrian and Kristina. They will also plan the time schedule for the speakers.

- URGENT: Deadline for applying for a lecture or workshop is END FEBRUARY ; a mail with name, qualifications of the speaker and title of the lecture must be sent to our President Nicole before 28 February.

- Deadline for abstracts is set on Friday 30th of March. The abstract must be sent to Nicole by mail.

- No entrance fees will be charged for speakers selected for plenary sessions and for workshops.

- Lunches will be at SFU premises and coffee is foreseen twice a day during the breaks.

- A buffet will be organized on Friday evening 8.30 pm  for Board members and theirs guests. Prices and location must still be decided.

- The traditional dinner for Board Members only is foreseen on Saturday evening .

- Additional visits can be arranged on Sunday like for instance a visit of the Burial Museum or the Vienna Cemetery, in the very spirit of the congress…!

9. Conference in Baku : our President and Tatyana and Svetlana will be present at the conference in Baku organized by our colleague Fariz.

10. The AGM will be held on Friday 7th September at 5 ;30 pm. There will be election for the new Executive (Presidency and Vice Presidency) and the Committees and for the renewal of the Board Members.

Any application for Presidency and Vice-presidency must be sent by mail to our President Nicole AKNIN before March 31st .

11. A long discussion is held concerning a name change in order to mention specifically the word « Psychodynamic » as in some countries therapists seem reluctant to join ECPP as being too « analytical ».

Adrian reminds the Board what Horst Kächele said at the very start of ECPP ; the plural of our name and the definition of psychoanalytic psychotherapy as based on the analysis of transference and resistance demonstrate the idea that psychoanalysis is one single body of knowledge but with many ways of practice.

Barbara insists on our ethos of being inclusive and learn from each other.

Vladimir says that changing the name of an association is like creating a new one, which is not our purpose.

Tatyana M. warns on negative consequences amongst the Russian psychotherapists as a name change would bring confusion.

Eugenius reminds us that the word « psychodynamic » was invented in 50’s in the USA when psychoanalytic articles were no more published in scientific revues. Besides, both psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapies are based on the same perspective of Mankind.

Jozef points out that being inclusive is the specificity of ECPP as opposed to IPA. Mentioning both names amounts to making a unnecessary and confusing distinction.

After the discussion, the Board decides not to address the AGM any  proposal concerning  a change of denomination.

12. The status of EWAO for EAP has been successfully renewed by EWOC for another7 years (2018-2025). During the EWOC meeting, it was asked to all members to think on what would be the specific competencies of a psychotherapist in their respective modalities. This topic will be addressed in future Board meetings.

13. Time lacks to discuss on some national situations concerning the field of psychoanalysis.

14. The Board considers to have two meetings instead of one when in Vienna. According to the EAP meeting days, the next Board meetings will be held on Wednesday 20th  February 2019 and Thursday 21th February 2019 from 6.00 till 8.00 at SFU. The dinner will be on Thursday 21th.

12. The traditional dinner took place at 8 ;30 at Tancredi’s. The meals were paid by ECPP (29 euros pp). Drinks were paid individually.


Minutes made by Charles