Minutes of the General Assembly held in St Petersburg September 17th 2016

Minutes of the General Assembly held in St Petersburg  September 17th  2016

On September 17th, 2016, the General Assembly of the European Confederation of Psychoanalytical Psychotherapies (ECPP,Vienna, Austria) was held in St Petersburg during the  VII International Congress "Psychoanalysis in Contemporary World and in My Life:
History, Methodology, Theory and Practice".

The Congress was dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the East-European Psychoanalytic Institute.

Barbara Fitzgerald President opened the AGM at 10.45 am

The President delivered a speech on the achievements made during the last two years and congratulates all members and colleagues (see appendix 1).

Some last certificates delivered were handed over to the applicants while pictures were taken.

The Certification Committee (Chair: Charles Sasse) gave report on the activities in 2015 and 2016 (see appendix 2).

The Ethics Committee (Chair: Tatyana Mizinova) reported on one single complaint due to administrative misunderstanding that was resolved by the Ukrainian  National Branch.

The Treasurer Lan Pecjak being absent had asked Vice-President Tatyana Mizinova to read his report on the finances for this half-year (see in appendix 3). He pointed out the great effort made by ECPP to halve all membership fees for Russia and Ukraine due to the financial situation of both countries ( Euro currency rates of exchange).

The Webmaster Marina Pavlotskaya reported on her activities, insisting on receiving updated lists of members from National Branches organizations. About 840 members are presently listed on the website.

The General Assembly approved all above reports and granted discharge to the Executive and all Board members.

The President Barbara Fitzgerald after four years of hard work and outstanding achievements had announced previously her intention to step down; in a speech she thanked all Board members and especially the Executive for such a wonderful collaboration during these years. She warmly handed over to the Executive members a nice and so well chosen personal gift.

 To honor her and to thank her for her devotion to her past presidency, she was offered a gift by Vice-President Tatyana Mizinova on behalf of ECPP.

The election of the new ECPP President and the new Board then took place under the authority of Past-President Mikhaïl Reshetnikov.

A secret ballot took place while our colleague Philipp Filatov presented a new Russian journal on "Theory and practice of Psychoanalysis" edited by ECPP-Russia.

Nicole Aknin (France) was elected by 80 out of 83 votes as the new ECPP President. Following the proposal of the President-elect,Tatiana Mizinova (Russia) and Charles Sasse (Belgium) were approved as Vice-Presidents; Lan Pecjak (Slovenia) was approved as the ECPP Treasurer.

All were elected for a period of two years ending September 2018.

In her speech the new President thanked all members of ECPP and looked forward to seeing the organization growing and maintaining its high level. She also announced the world congress that will take place on 24 -27 July 2017 in Paris to which ECPP will actively contribute.

The AGM elected the candidates for the Board ending the AGM.

The elected Board Members for next two years are

APPENDIX:   1 - Report Barbara Fitzgerald

                         2 - Report C&A Committee

                         3- Report Treasurer

1.           Presidents Report :
AGM and General Assembly St. Petersburg. 2016

Presidents Report

2.           C&A Committee  Report :
AGM and General Assembly St. Petersburg. 2016

a) certificates:

- in 2015:   50  certificates were approved and issued  (18 from Russia)

- in 2016 till today:  25 certificates

So in total up today: 370 certificates handed over (247 for Russia)

b) activities for EAP:

In 2015, 21 files were scrutinized and so far in 2016 only 3 but some will be scrutinized this month.

c) No institute was accreditated the last two years.

d) Criteria for certification are regularly discussed amongst the Board members that are well experienced psychoanalysts from all Europe.

The criteria can be considered as established and accepted standards of requirements. Therefore the ECPP certificate represents the acknowledgement of a complete and excellent training.

 3.          Treasurer  Report :
AGM and General Assembly St. Petersburg. 2016

Financial Report. For the period 1. January/2016 to 31. August/2016