Why is our Victory - Great?


To members of the ECPP. Dear colleagues,

Why is our Victory - Great?

On September 1, 1939 Germany intruded Poland. The war lasted 36 days. Then it intruded Belgium (which resisted for 8 days), Holland (5 days), Greece (24 days), Denmark (1 day), Norway (63 days), France (44 days) etc. By 1941, all Europe worked for Nazi Germany and provided it with cast iron, steel, aluminum, petrol, coal, arms, technique, factories, tanks, submachine guns and shells, uniform and provision…

It is important to understand one crucial fact. All these countries were simply occupied. What does it mean? It means that factories and plants kept working, employees and governmental officers received their salaries, business went on and banks, schools, universities, theaters, bakeries, restaurants and cafes were open. All these countries were simply incorporated in the Third Reich. In some cases, even their armies were not demobilized but kept under the command of German Wehrmacht. Only Slavic nations of Eastern Europe were supposed to be totally exterminated with the exception of few people left as slaves for “the great German nation”. According to Hitler’s plans, Moscow and Leningrad were to be razed to the ground.

If this plan had succeeded, we would not have been born at all, neither the first generation born after our Great Victory, nor our children and grandchildren.

For these long four years our fathers and grandfathers resisted not only German Nazis but economic and technical power of the whole Europe. And they won it! The current sanctions are nothing in comparison to that.

We are proud of this victory and respect our people and our history for it. It was the Great Victory!  

Happy Victory Day!

Professor M. M. Reshetnikov