Presidents Report

Dear members of ECPP,

I was elected as President of ECPP in Rome 2012.

The questions and decisions to be taken over the last few years have involved embedding our identity, continuing certification, developing new networks of connection, and developing a healthy scientific life.

 Charles Sasse the Chair of the Certification and Accreditation Committee has carried out an enormous service on behalf of the Association providing the glue that makes the systems work together. As you can see from his report the certification process has continued steadily and strongly. We have built up a lot of experience in what some of the issues are and are able to address them through our structures.

Tatyana Mizinova has been a highly active member of the Executive Board, remembers everything and has been a strong force in moving the organisation forward through her chairing of the Ethics Committee, and participation on the Executive Board. I would also like to thank Lan Pecjak, our treasurer, for his work on behalf of us all and also all the Board members who make the work of the organisation possible.

Both Markus Fah and Mikhail Reshetnikov have been a steady presence in the background, providing guidance when required.   If asked, I would be happy to offer the same support to our incoming next president, so that the accumulated wisdom of how the organisation functions at all different levels will be built between all of us.

I would like to thank Alfred Pritz for his continuing support of the ECPP and for granting us the use of SFU Vienna in which to hold our meetings also like to thank our secretaries, Irina Zamfirescu, Galina Filatova and webmaster Marina Pavlotskaya for their continuing work on our behalf.

It has been a busy four years.There has been a very active scientific program in ECPP with a number of very successful  conferences hosted by  us. After the conference in Rome 2012, in July 2013, as part of the Eurasian Conference in Moscow, ECPP hosted a conference titled ‘Inside and Outside the Analytic Space’. This was followed by the Х Anniversary Congress of ECPP titled “Education in Psychoanalysis: Challenges and Controversies” which was held in Lviv National University, Ukraine. We had further successful conferences in Slovenia titled ‘Modern Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies in Modern Times “  . We have participated in Summer and Winter schools in ECPP Russia. We have had Board meetings in Rome, Vienna, Slovenia, Naples and now St, Petersburg. Our board members have been travelling giving lectures and supervisions. I was happy to present and participate in the Siberian seminars in Ekaterinburg, on two occasions, one of them on Skype.  Lectures and supervisions were also given in Moscow.

We have moved from a base where we initially visioned the organisation and set out our objectives, to the point of developing procedures and to implementing these systems so that they work on behalf of all of you. We have new organisational members from Belgium and Germany i.e. both the Belgian Association of Analytic and Existential Therapy and the Academy of Psychoanalysis in Germany.

We welcome new representatives on our Board from Germany; Maria Ammon, from Spain: Joseph Knobel Freud, from Spain and from Belgium, Paul Kestemont.

We have been involved in the European Association for Psychotherapy through representation on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Psychotherapy. Both Charles Sasse and I have represented ECPP in the EAP. We have both been on the Training and Accreditation Board, Charles, as a permanent member and I as the international expert for psychoanalysis. We have also been part of the movement in relation to statutory regulation in our respective countries.  There is renewed interest in our English colleagues becoming more involved in ECPP and we welcome the steady stewardship of  Adrian Rhodes in this process. So there is a lot to celebrate, a secure base to continue exploring from and the creative capacities enriched from collegial and great friendship.

 I look forward to the next phase of ECPP and am happy to support the new President and Board in furthering the objectives of the organisation.

Thank you
Barbara Fitzgerald
President 2012-2016