VII Winter School. ECPP-Russia


On February 6-8, 2015, the International Conference on Science and Practice of Psychoanalysis was held in Yekaterinburg.

The theme of the Conference was Professional burnout and acting out among analysts.

The VII Winter School was organized by the ECPP-Russia and the ECPP-Yekaterinburg Regional Branch.


Our colleagues from three countries (Russia, Ireland and Switzerland), from ten Russian cities (Moscow, St-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Izhevsk, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Samara) and seven Regional Branches of the ECPP-Russia were honourable guests, speakers and participants of the Conference.

Totally, the Conference was attended by 148 specialists.

The participants could rank the best presentations, master-classes, supervisions, sessions of cinema-clubs and round table discussions by direct voting via inquiry forms.

The Conference was photo and video recorded; it was attended by TV reporters and Yekaterinburg news agencies journalists.

The ECPP President Barbara Fitzgerald (Dublin, Ireland) and the ECPP Vice-President Tatiana Mizinova (Moscow, Russia) gave the opening speech at the Conference.

Our colleagues from Samara, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, St-Petersburg and Yekaterinburg reported on current developments in their Regional Branches.

Barbara Fitzgerald gave plenary presentation Truth about lies: Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Presentation Professional burnout: was ist das? by Andrey Kulikov (St-Petersburg, Russia) was ranked the best plenary paper.

In the first evening, participants were invited to buffet dinner. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, and participants could enjoy the music played by Dixieland orchestra and a duet band.

On the second day of the Conference there were three parallel sections.

They included seven presentations, three master-classes, two group supervisions, cinema-training and two sessions of cinema-club.

E. A. Potemnitskaya (Yekaterinburg, Russia) presented her paper Boundary violation in analytic process: at risk of professional burnout, which was ranked the best 45-minute presentation.

The best 90-minute presentation On some connections between specifics of countertransference and professional burnout in psychoanalysis was given by V. N. Shlikov (Yekaterinburg, Russia).

The best cinema-club session was carried out by S. A. Guseva (Yekaterinburg, Russia): Psychoanalysis of documentary: modern hero in suggested circumstances.

The group supervision held by Barbara Fitzgerald (Dublin, Ireland) was ranked the best supervision.

The Skype-presentation by Marcus Faeh (Zurich, Switzerland) Loss of trust and suppression of the analyst’s creativity as a symptom of unresolved transference was the special event on the second day of the Conference.

On the third day of the Conference, there were three parallel sections, which included three presentations, three master-classes, two group supervisions and two round table discussions.

The best master-class was held by R. Galiev (St-Petersburg, Russia) and devoted to Problems of transformation in analyst-patient dyad in the contemporary society.

The best round table discussion was carried out by A. G. Koshelenko (Yekaterinburg, Russia) on Group dynamics, some aspects of burnout and acting-out in professional environment and in analysts’ work: organizing the work of a psychological centre.

The best poster paper was submitted by N. P. Nefedieva (St-Petersburg, Russia) on Theoretical and clinical aspects of dependency and co-dependency in therapeutic relationships: acting-out in therapy of dependent relationships.

During the closing ceremony of the VII Winter School, participants were given attendance certificates, received best ranked presentations awards and expressed their gratitude to organizers of the Conference for excellent organization, interesting programme, warm welcome and friendly atmosphere.


Address by the Organizing Committee of the VII Winter School of the ECPP-Russia

Dear colleagues,

Let us express our gratitude to the ECPP President Barbara Fitzgerald for taking part in the Conference. We are also grateful to the ECPP-Russia President Mikhail Reshetnikov for supporting the Conference, the ECPP Vice-President Tatiana Mizinova for consistent maintenance of organizational issues, and the Secretary and Web-site Administrator Marina Pavlotskaya for informational assistance.

The address by the ECPP-Russia President Mikhail Reshetnikov was presented at the closing ceremony of the Conference; Professor Reshetnikov congratulated participants and guests of the Winter School with the success of the Conference and assured them that this tradition should persist. Here is an extract from the address: “The main idea of these Conferences is collegial esteem of professional growth of our organization and its adherence to the ECPP guidelines and ethical norms”. We fully agree with Mikhail Reshetnikov’s words and hope to develop the ECPP-Russia Winter Schools as a successful psychoanalytic project and an inspiring and interesting process.

Participants of the Winter School deeply appreciated the presented papers, organization of the Conference and friendly atmosphere of discussions. The papers will be published in the next issue of The Psychoanalytic Bulletin of the ECPP-Russia.

We are grateful to everybody who helped us to organize and carry out the Winter School.

With the best regards,

Organizing Committee

February 17, 2015