Minutes of the ECPP Board meeting, 19th February 2015. Vienna (Austria)


Minutes of the ECPP Board meeting, Vienna (Austria)

19th February 2015.  17.45 –20.00

Sigmund Freud University


Present: Barbara Fitzgerald (President), Tatyana Mizinova (Vice-president), Nicole Aknin, Nicole Attali, Zofia Milska-Wrosinska, Natalia Nalyvaiko, Janko Bohak, Leonid Broude, Eugenius Laurinaitis, Natalia Pilguk, Alexander Filts, Tatyana Listopad, Alfred Pritz, Charles Sasse (Vice-president).

Apologies: Lan Pecjek (Treasurer), Mikhaïl Reshetnikov, Markus Fäh, Adrian Rhodes.

Observers: Paul Kestemont, Marie-Christine Soulié, Miha Strukelj, Marina Pavlotskaia, Andrii Molodorych, Roman Kechur.

The President opens the meeting at 5.45 pm in the SFU premises on Freudplatz – Vienna.

1) The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2) The DAP (Germany) was voted in as Organizational member after a short presentation of their statutes and activities.

Their Representative Prof. Ammon will be invited to become Board member as from the next meeting; meanwhile Cornelia Krause-Girth who is also Board member for Germany will first be informed.

3) The representatives of the UUAP (Ukraine) inform the Board of their wish to become a national branch of ECPP. They unite many psychoanalytic oriented associations in 6 major cities of Ukraine. They organized and took part to several conferences and congresses (also the EAP congress held in December in Vienna). They also have about 26 applications for Grandparenting ready for checking.The ECPP Board would like to encourage the expansion of ECPP in Ukraine.

The lack of status could impair the expansion of ECPP in this country. The actual national branch represented by Svetlana Uvarova continues to certify practitioners yet seems unwilling to join this Umbrella association.

Therefore after having heard all parties involved, and taking opportunities as well as fairness into consideration, the following decision was presented by the Executive and voted favorably by the Board:

"As from this date and for a period of one year, there will exceptionally be two associations granted as national Branch in Ukraine. In the next meeting of February 2016, the Board will examine the activities and representativeness of both associations and will have to make a decision. The Board reiterates its wish that both parties would join forces.

In any case, both Alexander Filts and Svetlana Uvarova will keep their status of national representatives."


4) The Treasurer's report is read and is added in appendix.

Due to misunderstandings and heavy work required by the conference in Slovenia the annual fees for 2014 were not collected; it has been rectified now together with the collect of the 2015 fees.

Procedures for collecting membership fees and certification fees will be clarified and sent out to all national representatives and branches.


5) A new secretary has been appointed. The Board congratulates warmly Mrs Galina Filatova (Moscow) for her nomination. As from now, all previous arrangements for the secretary will be applicable to her.


6) Due to the heavy financial crisis both in Russia and Ukraine, the Board accepts to reduce the membership up to 50% for 2014 and 2015. The situation will be reviewed next February 2016. The certification fees remain unchanged.


7) Next congress will be held in July 2017 alongside the EAP congress in Paris.


8) Alfred Pritz proposed to organize a joint conference ECPP-SFU on Thursday evening 25th, Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August 2016 in Vienna. The title will be: "On death and dying". The next AGM will take place at the same time.



9) Our representative of Poland Zofia Milska-Wrosinska asked if ECP certificates (EAP) could indicate "psychodynamic therapies" instead if psychoanalytic.

This will be asked to the Registrar of EAP but as ECPP is EWAO for both orientations, this should be easily accepted.


10) The next Board meeting will take place in Naples on Thursday 1st October 2015 before the EAP meetings. A Meeting room will be reserved at the Hotel. 


11) After a visit of the magnificent and brand new building of SFU, the traditional dinner was held in the Wolf Gasthaus restaurant.


The President closed the meeting.

Minutes taken by Charles Sasse.



Barbara Fitzgerald President ECPP

February 2015