ECPP Minutes Board Meeting. Antwerp 28/09/2017

Minutes Board Meeting      
Antwerp 28/09/2017

Present: Nicole Aknin (President), Tatyana Mizinova (Vice-president), Natalia Pilguk, Zofia Milska- Wrzosinska, Jozeph Knobel-Freud, Paul Kestemont, Leonid Broude, Eugenius Laurinaitis, Charles Sasse (Vice-president).

 - The President Nicole Aknin opens the meeting.

1) The minutes of the last meeting are approved.

2) The new address in Vienna is:

ECPP c/o SFU, Freudplatz 1- Messestrasse 1, 1020 Wien, Austria.

Webside and documents (invoices,…) will be modified accordingly.

3) Next congress:

SFU and ECPP announced the Congress ‘Psychoanalytic view on Death and dying” to be held in Vienna on 7-8-9 September 2018

The following schedule will be proposed to SFU:

Thursday:   opening at 02;00 pm and welcome speeches

                 4  key speakers

                 Cocktail  06;00

Friday: Two sections (one in English and one in Russian)

           workshops from 10;00am to 01;00 pm and from 02:00 to 05;00

           06;00 AGM of ECPP

           08;00 Visit and cocktail at Freud’s museum

Saturday: 10;00  plenary sessions and reports on the workshops

                11;00 Key speakers

                01;00pm lunch at Messehotel

                02;00 to 04;00 Key speakers and closing ceremony

                08;00 Dinner for celebration for Board members and guests

- Many Board Members are wishing to be speakers:

Alfred – Jozef – Paul – Nicole – Mikhaïl – Barbara – Markus – Tatyana - Charles …

Name, short CV, title and short abstract (3-4 sentences) must be sent to Nicole before mid december.

- Charles will contact Alfred and SFU to discuss the organization of the congress.

- All information will gradually be put on the ECPP-Website

- It must be stressed that ECPP can not take any financial risk and liability in this event.

4) On 12 and 13 May  2018, a congress will be organized in Baku by our colleague Fariz. Although it will not be an ECPP conference as such, some Board members will participate. In order to introduce psychoanalysis in Azrbaidjan on a broad and integrative way, the Board suggests as main theme “the tendencies of the working alliance in modern psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies”.

5) Group Analysis project:

A paper presented by Natalya was postponed to Vienna in order to discuss more intensively how to present criteria applying to groupanalysis and the possibility to have a specific certificate a Groupanalyst.

By the way some changes must be done in our C&A code in order to allow graduates in a Master in Psychotherapy (like SFU for instance) to be certified. As EWAO, ECPP has to follow the modifications voted by EAP in this respect.

Documents will be prepared and sent with the agenda by Natalya and Alexander Filtz for Group analysis and by Charles for the EAP modifications.   

6) New Candidates for Presidency and Vice-Presidency for 2018-2020: this topic will put on the agenda in Vienna

7) Correspondence from Dimitry Sokolov:

A letter of complaint was sent to our President concerning a decision taken by the National Branch in Russia. The Board needs an official statement from the National Branch on the grounds that lead to the suspension of the certificates of Mr Sokolov. This information will be sent to the Executive Committee and a decision will then be taken by the Executive.

8) Re-application as EWAO for EAP: Nicole will contact Barbara as she did the reapplication 7 years ago. The purpose is to complete the re-application file before mid-December and send it to EAP.

9) Question from Registrar of EAP concerning the application file of Mr Daniel Cucu (Romania): the Board confirms that a personal analysis can NOT be accepted if it is done on a basis of 8h per day during a 3-days week end per month. It has to be an ongoing process.

10) Next Board Meetings will be held:

     - Wednesday 21st February 2018 from 06;00pm till 08;00pm

     - Thursday 22d February 2018 from 06;00 till 08;00 + dinner

Two meetings will be necessary to examine some crucials topics such as criteria for certification, criteria for Group analysis, change of name in order to integrate better the psychodynamic therapies, future Executive Committee, Congress and AGM in September,…

- The President closes the meeting and a dinner is foreseen (drinks for ECPP this time!)


Minutes taken by Charles.