Report of the General Assembly and Scientific Conference


Report of the General Assembly and Scientific Conference

Slovenia 2014

The Agm, General Assembly and Scientific Conference of the European Confederation of Psychoanalytical Psychotherapies (ECPP) took place in Portoroz, Slovenia on the 18th September 2014.

General Assembly.

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on October 4th 2012 in Rome were received and adopted.

The reports of the ECPP President, Barbara FitzGerald (Ireland), the ECPP Vice-President and the Chair of Certification and Accreditation Committee, Charles Sasse (Belgium);the ECPP Vice-President and the Chair of Ethic Committee, Tatyana Mizinova (Russia); and the ECPP Treasurer, Lan Pecjak (Slovenia ) were read out to the General Assembly.

The President, Barbara FitzGerald reported that, over the past two years, there has been a very active scientific programme in ECPP with a number of conferences hosted by ECPP. In July 2013 as part of the Eurasian Conference in Moscow, ECPP hosted a conference titled ‘Inside and Outside the Analytic Space’. This was followed by the Х Anniversary Congress of ECPP titled “Education in Psychoanalysis: Challenges and Controversies” which was held in Lviv National University Ukraine. On behalf of the Executive and Board, Barbara thanked  all who have made contributions to the work of ECPP over the two years and for furthering its objectives, in particular, the engendering of a lively culture and the rich exchange of ideas.

Visits were made by the President during the past two years to Kiev, Lviv, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and discussions were held with the colleagues from the different regions. Barbara commented on the high standards, professionalism, energy and commitment by the ECPP colleagues in these settings.

Looking towards the future we committed to more cross fertilization of influence and ideas across membership in Western and Eastern Europe. Linkages indeed have continued to be made through the work on the committees in EAP and with colleagues across different countries. Within EAP, Charles as a permanent member on the TAC Committee is an influential voice with regard to training in Europe. Barbara has recently been elected as an international expert with regard to the recognition of trainings in psychoanalysis. Both Charles, Barbara and Tatyana through her work in Russia and the Board members in their respective countries continue to build momentum in the organisation and membership continues to grow.  

During the last two years the political landscape in Europe has been changing and mindful of the discussions and collaborations between our Russian and Ukrainian colleagues in addressing the adversities and trauma of troubled states, we support the EAP sponsored round table discussions in (December2014) in Vienna. ECPP will be represented on the roundtable.

In Charles’s report as Chair of the Certification and Accreditation Committee (given in his absence), he emphasized the quality of monitoring and preparation which National Branches afforded to certificate applications prior to submission for registration thus demonstrating the importance of having more National Branches in many more countries. Accreditation of two Institutes had also been carried out following scrupulous assessment. One in Ukraine, the Lviv Psychoanalytic Institute for Mental Health represented by our Dear colleague Alexander Filtz and one in Iran the Teheran Psychoanalytic Institute represented by Dr Tooraj Morandi through our Dear colleague, Markus Fah.

Since the last AGM in 2012, 40 applications were handled and scrutinized with favorable outcomes; so 22 certificates were handed over to Russian colleagues, 12 to colleagues in Slovenia and 6 to colleagues from Ukraine.

All applications sent to the C&A Committee were carefully monitored and prepared by the National Branches of these three countries. They have done their job very efficiently and Charles offered his congratulations. He commented on the importance of having National Branches in many more countries.

As an EWAO representing all psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies within the European Association for Psychotherapy, ECPP scrutinized and approved 7 applications for the European Certificate: 1 in Ukraine, 2 in Greece, 1 in the UK, 1 in Spain,1 in Serbia and 1 in Poland.

These EAP certified colleagues are unique opportunities to start some kind of representation of ECPP in their respective countries where ECPP has no presence yet. Of course it takes time (and sometimes travelling would be necessary) to build up fruitful relationships. This might be an activity for the Membership Committee that could support the President in this important and even crucial task as ECPP continues to grow.

The Treasurer, Lan Pecjak submitted and presented the financial report for the period 5/2013 to 8/2014.The report will be updated with the balance when full fees are collected from the organisations. This is currently in process. The financial report  showed the finances in a healthy state. Lan proposed to issue the membership fees for 2014 on February 2015 and to issue the membership fees for 2015 on September 2015. A full financial statement up to December 2014 will be available for the next board meeting.


Barbara thanked the vice-presidents, Charles Sasse and Tatyana Mizanova and the treasurer Lan Pecjak for the time spent as an executive to make the work of the ECPP possible. She also thanked the Board and the two honorary Ex-Presidents Marcus Fah and Mikhail Reshetnikov for their continuing active support of the ECPP. The General Assembly agreed that the Board of Directors had discharged their responsibilities and the agm moved on to the voting in of the Officers and Board.


Voting took place by secret ballot for the election of President. Barbara FitzGerald was unanimously re-elected as President for a following term of two years. Following the proposal of the President-elect, Charles Sasse (Belgium) was approved as Vice-President and Chair of Certification and Accreditation Committee; Tatiana Mizinova (Russia) was approved as Vice-President and Chair of Ethic Committee; Lan Pecjak (Slovenia) was approved as the ECPP Treasurer. 


  New Board


The New Board was then elected. The Board comprises of the following members with representative status:











Austria (NR)

Alfred Pritz, Christopher Fisher


Belarus (NR)

Sergey Sokolov


Belgium (NR)

Charles Sasse


Estonia (NR)

Tatyana Listopad


France (NB)

Nicole Aknin, Nicole Attali, Michel Meignant



Horst Kaechele, Cornelia Krause-Girth


Hungary (NR)

Janos Harmatta, Agnes Szombati


Iran (Observer)

Tooraj Moradi


Ireland (NR)

Barbara Fitzgerald


Israel (NR)

Leonid Broude


Italy (NR)

Roberto Parrini


Lithuania (NR)

Eugenius Laurinaitis


Luxemburg (Observer)

Lucien Nicolay


Poland (NR)

Zofia Milska-Wrzosinska


Portugal (Observer)

Rui Manuel Carreteiro


Romania (NR)

Augustin Cambosie


Russia (NB)

Yan Fedorov, Tatyana Mizinova, Mikhail Reshetnikov


Slovenia (NB)

Janko Bohak, Lan Pecjak


Switzerland (NR)

Markus Fäh



Adrian Rhodes


Ukraine (NB)

Alexander Filts, Natalie Pilguk, Svetlana Uvarova




ECPP-Secretary - Irina Zamfirescu (Austria), ECPP-Site-administrator - Marina Pavlotskaya (Russia)



Barbara FitzGerald, President ECPP, December 2014